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Wild Organic Sandalwood Powder

Wild Organic Sandalwood Powder is a skin food for every skin type. The sensuous aroma of sandalwood makes you calm. It also reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing along with blemishes and warts. Sandalwood powder can be used in face masks to prevent and cure pimples, and enhance skin brightness.

Sandalwood powder has various uses:

1. For Religious Functions : Sandalwood billet,powder,oil  (Chandan) is mainly used for havans(homas) and pujas. Its also used to prepare sandalwood paste, which is used for ritual bathing of Idols of Hindu deities, smearing on the foreheads of devotees as a tila,k which is believed to cool the Agni Chakra.

2. Fragrance: Sandalwood billets are used in perfumery, due to its pleasant woody odor.

3. Medications: Sandalwood billets have numerous medical uses like decreasing fever, decreasing dehydration effects, treating headaches, scorpion stings, various skin problems, treating bad breath, treating digestive problems(when taken with honey,rice-water and sugar), treatment against skin cancer.

4. Cosmetics: As sandalwood is very effective for skin, various cosmetic items are made from sandalwood billets and powder. Sandalwood billets when transformed into paste, can be used for dry and ageing skin and can be mixed with other plant derived extracts in body lotions and hair oils.

Key Features:

  • 100% pure and natural sandalwood powder for skin
  • Combats ageing signs such as wrinkles and lines
  • Helps remove suntan and reduces sunburns
  • Clears the skin of blemishes and warts
  • Prevents acne and pimples along with healing acne scars
  • Calming aroma that has aromatherapeutic properties
  • Free from sulphates, petrochemicals, phthalates and silicones


About the Brand: KSTDC  brings you effective skincare products crafted out of nothing but purely natural ingredients, unadulterated, nutrient-rich and full of nature's love. The company aims at adding a bit of the root to the lives of modern men and women, opening up a choice to live naturally, chemical-free, thriving with the glorious abundance of nature. Take a step towards a healthy and affordable organic lifestyle with quality products crafted to perfection simply out of nature and love and of course,