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Mysore Sandalwood Oil-5ML-2015


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all products in our shop are of the highest quality. We have been searching for some rare old sandalwood. Luck favored us and we finally we managed to acquire a batch of a precious Mysore Sandalwood oil that was made from old sandalwood trees and specifically that was distilled in 2015.

Due to prolonged aging Santal  Mysore Sandalwood Oil is a little hazy appearance. It smells almost like honey mixed with sandalwood oil. First sniff gives you a Honey sweet gormandish aroma not altering the DNA of Sandalwood. It has a particular aged creamy musky tone which is extremely pleasant to my nose, the muskiness is really beautiful.

This is not any other Sandalwood but an antique masterpiece of the nature and highly collectible.






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